Health Check: How Is Your ERP System Coping with COVID-19?

Red umbrella protecting merchants immune novel COVID-19 pneumonia infection

There's a difference between ERP security and healthy. Microsoft Dynamics NAV (NAV) and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) both provide advanced security features that protect your ERP software and your business from most internal and external threats, including computer viruses.

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So… if your computers aren't infected…

What else could be ailing your systems? Perhaps you were not prepared for the demands of a remote workforce. And that is putting a lot of stress on your IT team as they attempt to support cadres of remote users coping with a set of new issues that have evolved as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Are remote users adequately protected?

  • Are their systems experiencing latency?

  • Do they have access to all of the applications and files that they need?

  • How do they access your IT team?

  • Do they all have broadband at home?

  • Do you need to set up "hot spots" for some of your remote staff?

  • Are they all acquainted with and following best practices protocols?

Those are just some of the issues that our clients call us about. For many of our clients, these are new system health considerations that they must figure out how to handle. And when offices open up again and employees return, how can you be sure that they're not bringing viruses with them?

Liberty Grove Can Help

  • We can scan your system and all of its users to determine where there may be problems.

  • We will perform a thorough health check that goes deeper than the everyday problems your IT team is accustomed to handling.

  • We can provide best practices documentation that you can share with your users.

We know your system inside out because we implemented it for you! We know every nook and cranny, every third-party add-on, the existence of every silo (hopefully none), every configuration and/or customization that was introduced during and after your initial implementation.

In short…