It’s Time for Your Annual ERP System Health Check

Blue stethoscope on blue clipboard with ECG – Performing Annual ERP System Health Check

Your ERP software system cannot contract COVID-19. But it is susceptible to any number of malicious viruses that periodically infect computer networks. That’s just one reason for the many reasons why at Liberty Grove Software we recommend an annual, or better yet a semi-annual, system health check.

What Can Go Wrong? Is Your System Sick?

Whether you are running Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC), a lot of things can go wrong if you turn your back for even a minute. And suddenly, your system is running slow, and you don’t know why. Suddenly, your month-end close is taking longer than it should (1). Or it takes longer to complete simple tasks than it should (2). So, you’re frustrated (3).

Let’s take a closer look at these three scenarios to see what may be happening and how Liberty Grove can step in and resolve these pesky issues.

1-Month end Close Takes too Long

You’re posting in real-time throughout the month. So why is it taking so long to close out the month? What has changed that requires a lot of manual work at month end?

Liberty Grove will help you to understand what can be streamlined and moved into daily processes and automated, so your month-end closes can take place quickly.

2-It Takes Longer to Complete Tasks than Before

It’s entirely possible that your organization has evolved and changed, while your systems and processes have not changed to accommodate your growth.

You can work with our team to eliminate non-value added activities that are slowing down your system. These changes are focused on your processes, including the system.

3-Users are Frustrated

When you initially installed your system, your users were trained and therefore knew how to complete their daily and periodic work efficiently. With employee turnover and business growth, the understanding of how best to use the system has slipped away.

The Liberty Grove team can help you re-engage your employees by equipping them with the knowledge to complete their work efficiently and accurately. We can also help you build a continuous training program.

The Cure: Revitalization and Business Continuity Planning

There are so many ways that Liberty Grove can help. For starters, we have dozens of tips and tricks for revitalizing your system that we can share with you. Beyond that, we can discuss a business continuity plan that will protect you and your systems from threats such as natural disasters, cyberattacks, internal threats, operational threats, and more.

Take the Next Step to Keep Your Systems Healthy

Visit Liberty Grove to schedule a thorough health check. Call us at 630-858-7388 or email us at

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