Get to Know Some Helpful Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV Add-Ons

Let’s start with 2 questions. 1) What are add-ons? 2) Why should you get to know them?

Question 1: What are add-ons?

Add-ons are software applications that, as a rule, have been developed by third parties, in other words, not Microsoft. Those of us who live in the Microsoft world refer to these third parties as ISVs, Independent Software Vendors.

Question 2: Why should you get to know them?

It would be a rare case if your chosen ERP software system were actually able to meet 100% of your requirements. Typically, that number would be more like 95%. Therefore, the remaining 5% is going to require some type of assistance. That could come in the form of programming: a software configuration or customization that we at Liberty Grove would perform for you.

Or, it could come in the form of an add-on.

There are scores of add-ons that have been developed for Dynamics 365/NAV and they can be very helpful. But before you integrate any third-party product into your system, you need to be sure that the provider and their product are reputable.

That’s why Liberty Grove has a strict Add-On Policy.

  1. The add-on vendor must be a stable company with solid principles and a great reputation in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV circles; this is, after all, something we’re going to install on your system.

  2. We need to either possess direct experience with the add-on or have access to someone who has direct experience with it (i.e., working on or closely advising our implementation team). This is in keeping with our policy of not making you into a guinea pig.

Here are a few of the ISVs that we have rigorously vetted for you:

  • Anveo: They provide a Mobile App, a Web Portal, and an EDI Connect. All of which are “Certified for Microsoft Dynamics” (CfMD). That’s a critical seal of approval that you should always look for.

  • Continia: They provide solutions to accelerate your finance processes and make various aspects of those processes more productive. The Expense Management and Document Capture apps are 2 favorites.

  • Cost Control Software: They provide NAV training materials and 24 add-on products to make NAV a friendlier place to work and grow.

  • ExpandIT: They help enable your systems integrator to modify and implement mobile ERP solutions and web applications such as e-commerce.

  • Jet Reports: Inside a familiar Excel environment, you can easily access all of your Microsoft Dynamics data and utilize all of Excel’s capabilities to create high impact reports.

  • Lanham Associates: More than 80,000 users worldwide rely on Lanham applications, including EDI, e-ship, and e-receive, to meet today’s complex supply chain demands.

  • SQL Perform: In a nutshell, they provide performance enhancement tools for your Dynamics system.

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