Web Portal Features

Maximum acceptance due to the use of simple and widespread technologies.

Concept and Performance
Technology, basic services and speed

Choice of browser, no plug-in required

Live Access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV via Browser

Provide live access to Dynamics NAV for your customers and vendors. On an easy-to-use interface, orders and other individual content can be individually managed.

Concept and Performance

Concept and Performance

Maximum acceptance due to the use of simple and widespread technologies

Where does an interesting IT solution get you when the technological barriers are too high? A time-consuming and costly installation, a lack of compatibility to existing systems in place or an intricate setup can quickly erase all the advantages a problem-solving approach had to offer. Every new technology is exposed to a danger like this. Bearing this in mind, Anveo Web Portal was conceived on the basis of a technology as simple and as widespread as possible.

Extensive basic services

Anveo Web Portal provides a great deal of functionality upon delivery, a functionality already known from classically installed applications. This includes a multiple-window display with links between the windows, filters in views of lists, sort options, tool tips or changing the column order. Thanks to advanced development of the browser technology and faster JavaScript engines, in Anveo Web Portal these features can be depicted using nearly identical operation.

Speed-optimized display and processing data input

The web user interface of Anveo Web Portal has been deliberately limited to a few kilobytes of data to enable a fast loading of the application. The information is transferred to Anveo Server via a lean, optimized protocol, and from there to Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web Services. As a result, Anveo Web Portal can be utilized trouble-free, even via slow mobile communications connections such as UMTS.

Maximum Compatibility

Choice of browser? Suit yourself!

The philosophical discussion as to the best browser around is something we are unable to conduct. Nor do we want to, either: We don’t know our future clientele and their requirements yet. So how can we make a decision like that in advance? That’s why Anveo Web Portal runs on all prevalent browsers, for example Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Native browser – completely without plug-in

An up-to-date browser is sufficient to run Anveo Web Portal without having had to install a special plug-in – be it a specialized development of one’s own or Flash / Silverlight. Particularly the latter two mentioned either haven’t been installed yet or, in the worst case, aren’t even available on mobile equipment such as an iPad.