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Online Crash Course: Test Automation   

In any Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central project, testing tends to be at the end of the cycle or it often gets squeezed between code ready and the final delivery. In our changing world with a higher frequency of minor and major releases, and a higher demand of customers to be up-to-date, manual testing is becoming more and more a major bottleneck in our development practice. Enter Test Automation!

In this online crash course, delivered by Luc van Vugt, the author of Automated Testing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you will learn about the concept of automated testing and how to write automated tests in Business Central. 

With each session, homework exercises will be provided and the Instructor will be available to support you through different channels..

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Sessions are $99 USD/ $140 CAD with the exception of Session 1 which is complimentary. Register for each session by using the link provided. Once registered, you will receive an email with instructions to make your payment.

Session 1: Introduction

In this introductory session you will be provided with an overview of test automation in NAV/BC. We will look at the technology behind test automation and what Luc calls the “5 pillars of the Testability Framework”. In this session we will also explore the "why and when" of test automation, and the usage of standard tests and test libraries. This session is designed to be interactive.

Note: This introductory session is free of charge! This session is limited to 15 participants to allow for sufficient participant interaction and support for the session exercises following the session. If required, an additional series will be planned.

Session 2: The Basic Structure of a Test

In this second session the basic structures of test automation will be discussed. Topics include: test case (test function) and test suite (test codeunit), design patterns for test case design and test data configuration, aka test fixture, and the 4-step “recipe” to get from design to code implementation.

Session 3: Verifying and Debugging Tests

In this third session you will learn how to:

  • verify the validity of the test you will be writing

  • how to debug failures in your tests, and

  • how to use the test tool that resides in the NAV/BC application.


Session 4: Test Plan and Test Design

Session 4 will discuss how to set up a test plan in which you define what tests are needed to verify the code under test including sunny path scenarios, rainy path scenarios, also known as positive-negative tests. You will also learn to determine in which cases to write tests that access your application through the UI, and the reasons not to do this and instead build so-called headless tests. Then, once a test plan has been set up and, based on that, test cases are designed, how to efficiently get to a first version of your test code making use of the ATDD.TestScriptor.

Session 5: Red, Green Refactor: Using TDD Principles

This session will discuss how the usage of Test-Drive Development principles like the RED-GREEN-REFACTOR mantra and "Fake it till you make it" will help you to write your test code efficiently and effectively, and generalize only when needed.

Session 6: Testing Reports & Using Standard Tests

This final session will focus on how, and to what extent, you can test reports.