Dynamics NAV Training Options

Training is essential to the successful implementation of any software system, especially an ERP system.

Fortunately, Dynamics NAV training is available in numerous forms:

  • Classroom training, on or off-site;

  • One-on-one training at your desk;

  • On-line training through Microsoft’s CustomerSource portal;

  • Online forums and blogs, also through the CustomerSource portal;

  • Extensive hardcopy training manuals (not just reference manuals, but real training manuals, complete with labs, etc.);

  • Formal certification, with prep study available in classrooms, online, or in book form.

Training from your NAV Partner

Your NAV partner is responsible for creating a training plan appropriate for your company. Not every NAV partner is capable of delivering that training.

At Liberty Grove Software, we’re fortunate to have two of only a handful of Lead NAV Microsoft Certified Trainers in the world, in addition to our other MCTs. This allows us to design and deliver training to your staff in any format and at any level required. For more information on our training capabilities and offerings, please see Our Dynamics NAV Training Services.

Microsoft Dynamics CustomerSource

CustomerSource is Microsoft’s customer training & support portal. It provides Dynamics users with such valuable resources as:

  • News and events on your product.

  • Articles

  • Online seminars and webcasts.

  • E-training.

  • Preparation guides and exercises for certification.

  • Downloads/updates.

  • Technical documentation.

  • User forums.

  • Direct connection for support.

  • Access to the third-party add-on marketplace.

In short, it’s one-stop shop for customers to learn about NAV and stay connected to both the product and the community.

We do not recommend using this resource as your only means of learning about NAV, mainly because there is a substantial difference between learning about functionality and having the experience to know how to apply it to specific companies. But we do heavily encourage the use of CustomerSource after the initial training as a means of reinforcing and expanding user knowledge, as well as keeping abreast of NAV news and events.

Training Manuals

In an age where everything seems to be moving online, we offer a service to create customized training materials for your business processes.

For the same reasons we do not simply point users at CustomerSource or YouTube for training, we also do not rely solely on training manuals, but instead use them to augment our other training efforts.