NAV Partner: Training Capacity
The Importance of Training

One of the key objectives for every ERP implementation should be to generate a good return on investment (ROI) for the client.

The degree to which a client’s staff are properly trained in a new system goes a long way to determining whether the potential ROI of that system is fully realized. In the absence of proper training,

  • staff morale will decline as employees view the the new system as a hassle rather than an investment made to improve the company and their work environment;

  • employees will begin implementing workarounds for what should be standard processes, thereby decreasing efficiency, increasing costs, and potentially creating data messes that will have to be cleaned up in the future;

  • the company will incur opportunity losses because the most advanced system features, which often offer the greatest efficiency gains, will not be used by staff still struggling with the basics;

As the old saying goes, you only get out of something what you put into it, and nowhere is this truer than with respect to ERP systems and training.

A Myriad of Options

Fortunately, the Dynamics NAV world offers every conceivable form of training for every different situation and learning style. These training options are described in Dynamics NAV Training Options.

A NAV Partner's Training Responsibility

The fact that so many training options are available for Dynamics NAV does not release a NAV partner from its fundamental obligation to a client, and that’s to design a suitable training plan for the client’s staff.

If that staff happens to consist entirely of computer savvy, super self-learners, then the partner may do little more show the staff how to access all the online training material, and probably arrange to perform some kind of in-house test to ensure adequate training has indeed taken place.

For more typical staffs, training-the-trainers has proven to be a highly successful and cost-effective approach.

In other cases, especially at the managerial level, one-on-one training may be required in order to help managers master some of NAV’s more advanced features.

The correct training solution may involve any or all of these approaches, or others, such as classroom training.

Regardless, it’s the NAV partner who is responsible for assessing the type of training required and presenting the appropriate training options to the client.

In choosing a NAV partner, the question is whether a candidate partner has consistently fulfilled this obligation for clients in the past. Training, like proper testing and documentation, is easy to promise beforehand, but, in then end, it’s what is delivered that counts.

At Liberty Grove Software, our commitment to training is such that we have two of only a handful of Lead NAV Microsoft Certified Trainers in the world, in addition to our other MCTs. This allows us to both design and deliver training to your staff in any format and at any level required. For more information on our training capabilities, please see Our Dynamics NAV Training Services.