The Strong Business Case for Dynamics NAV

When selecting an ERP vendor, one of the most important factors is the size, resources, and staying power of that vendor. No company wants to go through the effort and expense of installing a new ERP system only to have the vendor go out of business six months later.


According Panorama Consulting, a respected ERP consulting firm, the following are the top selected ERP vendors in 2014:

Within the Microsoft Dynamics family, best represented by this graphic from the ERP Software Blog, NAV has by far the largest install base:

In short, Dynamics NAV isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. To the contrary, it will continue to get the research & development, as well as the continued support, justified by such a large install base.

Microsoft has made this abundantly clear through its public road map for NAV:

Proven Return on Investment:

According to Panorama Consulting, roughly 1/3 of companies recoup their ERP investment within three years of the implementation:

However, 84% of Dynamics NAV customers achieve a complete payback within 3 years.