NAV Partner: The Proposal Stage
Requirements Gathering

Unlike the initial discussion with a NAV partner, the goal of the Requirements Gathering phase is for the partner to acquire a detailed understanding of your requirements, process by process, task by task.

This understanding should be expressed in a written document, which you should be asked to approve, before proceeding to Gap Analysis.

Gap Analysis

Once a NAV partner understands your requirements at a detailed level, the next task is to compare these requirements to Dynamics NAV’s base functionality. Any requirements not addressed by this base functionality are identified as gaps and documented as such.

Research on Gap Solutions

It is the partner’s responsibility to find solutions for each gap identified in the Gap Analysis phase. These solutions may involve any combination  of the following:

  • customizations;

  • third-party add-ons;

  • business process changes;

No actual design work is done at this the stage. The objective here is more to identify the nature and scope of the required solutions.

Implementation Project Plan

Once the NAV partner has identified solutions to each gap identified in the Gap Analysis stage, the next step is to assemble all of the information gathered so far into an Implementation Project Plan consisting of a written description of the following:

  1. The Dynamics NAV software needed to meet your business requirements (i.e. base package, additional modules, type and number of licenses, etc.).

  2. Any required third-party add-ons.

  3. Any required customizations.

  4. Any infrastructure hardware or software needed to support the proposed solution.

  5. Training requirements.

  6. Hosting options.

  7. Support options.

  8. A breakdown of the work into distinct phases, if applicable.

  9. A list of the proposed personnel required, both from us and you, along with a description of their roles and expected time commitments.

  10. A proposed project schedule.

  11. All supporting information (including any documentation from the other phases).

This document constitutes your paid deliverable. It must be complete enough that, should you decide to request quotes from competing partners, it should provide those partners with all the information they require without the need to perform any additional requirements gathering, gap analysis, etc.

Financial Quotation

The financial quotation is usually included as part of the Implementation Project Plan, but is described separately here because there are times when you will request partners to provide this item separately, i.e. if you’ve already paid for a complete project plan.

  1. Firm prices for all software licenses and hardware purchases.

  2. Estimates for all proposed customizations. If a cost range is estimated, the range should be relatively narrow.

  3. Financing options.

  4. A proposed payment schedule.