Dynamics NAV Support Options
Partner Support

As you’ll see from the section below, Micosoft offers multiple levels of direct support for Dynamics NAV.

At Liberty Grove Software, we offer one additional level: you can call us directly with your problem. If we can fix it ourselves, we will. If not, we’ll typically contact Microsoft on your behalf and work with them to resolve the issue.

This service is imperative for clients who don’t have staff with NAV technical training, but it is also available to clients with technical staff during periods of absenteeism, vacations, etc., or in cases where a client’s technical staff simply needs additional help.

Microsoft Service Plans

Microsoft offers two basic service plans for Dynamics NAV:

The fact sheets shown in the column heading of this image are available on the sidebar.

As you can see from this chart, both plans, which require a yearly subscription fee, include new product releases, service packs, hot fixes, and tax and regulatory updates.

They also include access to Microsoft’s CustomerSource portal.

In addition to these plans, Microsoft also offers:


  1. Premium Support, which allows customers to tailor support plans to specify level and type of service (remote vs on-site), remediation planning, operational guidance, etc. In our experience, this degree of support is seldom required for NAV customers.

  2. Professional Support, which allows customers to purchase support on a per instance or 5-pack of instances. This could in theory be used as a substitute for one of the basic NAV service plans with regard to problem resolution only, but is not recommended because it does not provide access new product releases, updates, etc., or to CustomerSource.