NAV Partner: Support Capacity
The Importance of Training

Some NAV partners rely almost exclusively on Microsoft support services as the means of supporting their clients.


It is true that Microsoft provides a crucial backstop for support issues, especially when a problem resides in the base code. But it is also true that:

  • Microsoft does not have intimate knowledge of your company, how you operate, or your customizations and/or third-party add-ons. They need the person requesting support to be able to at least identify the issue and its operating environment.

  • Not every NAV client has staff onboard with sufficient technical training to identify a support issue, let alone engage a Microsoft support person.

  • Even if a client has technical staff onboard, it is often far more efficient to talk to a knowledgeable NAV partner before entering Microsoft’s support queue, because the partner sees issues across a great many NAV customers on a daily basis, and may have already encountered the problem in question.

When choosing a NAV partner, it is critical to verify their support policies and, most important of all, their track record in this area. Are they responsive to clients when a problem arises? Do they respond with urgency? Do they shepherd a problem all the way through to its successful resolution, including interacting with Microsoft on your behalf, or do they look to offload you onto a Microsoft support rep at the earliest opportunity?

At Liberty Grove Software, we support all our clients to the fullest. Indeed, we our reputation depends on it. For more details, see Our Dynamics NAV Support Services.