Dynamics NAV: Partner Qualifications

Microsoft imposes certification requirements on all its partners. You can’t be a partner without owners or staff possessing a sufficient number of Dynamics NAV certifications.

That having been said, NAV is a big product with many possible certifications, meaning some partners may be certified in some areas and not in others.​

Before beginning a project with a partner, make sure that partner possesses the correct certifications for the project.

Subject-matter Experience

Dynamics NAV is used by more than 100,000 customers worldwide, who are in turn serviced by thousands of NAV partners. Some of these partners have a great deal of experience; some do not.

Liberty Grove has been implementing, customizing, and supporting Dynamics NAV for nearly two decades. When it comes to technical knowledge, our experts are some of NAV’s leading authors:

Track Record

Every time a NAV partner performs a task for a client, that partner creates a track record. After verifying that a partner has the qualifications and the subject-matter experience for your project, it is critical that you talk to the partner’s existing clients.

At Liberty Grove, we are keenly aware of this and maintain a completely open-door policy as a result.