Why ERP Projects Fail and How We Will Help You Succeed!

Did you grow up hearing this expression: If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again? I understand the sentiment, but I take issue with it. Because a failed ERP system implementation is a very costly endeavor. You just don’t want to try, try again. You want to get it right the first time and save yourself a boatload of angst and money. I suggest that you’d be well served if you could:

Avoid the pitfalls by knowing what they are

We’ve put together a shortlist of reasons why ERP projects fail. And we’ve counterbalanced those with brief descriptions of how Liberty Grove will work with you to overcome those challenges.

Failure Reason #1: Lack of User Engagement - Your users are performing their jobs, but they could be contributing more.

Liberty Grove will help you develop a critical eye to understand what needs to be done to get your users engaged.

Failure Reason #2: Lack of Understanding by the Implementation Team - There is a lot to learn when implementing your system and when the team is stretched, details are missed. The key users may not have been included in the discussions, so their detailed understanding of the organization and its stakeholders' needs did not become part of the implementation plan.

Liberty Grove will help you build an inclusive and consultative implementation plan.

Failure Reason #3: Unclear Project Goals and Missed Expectations - Every system implementation should include clearly identified (and ranked) objectives. Often times a project starts out with one or two key objectives, then morphs over time to include this requirement, plus another and so on. If this is left unchecked, then the project’s scope expands along with the timeline, budget and risks.

Liberty Grove will help you regain clarity and focus your project to meet your key objectives.

Failure Reason #4: Poor User Adoption - A new system involves a lot of change for the organization and the users that support it. This change is often underestimated or left to the users to figure out. This results in distracted users that are not focused on your project's goals.

Liberty Grove will help you understand where the issues are and how to engage your users.

Failure Reason #5: Training was Not Part of Ongoing System - Often, there is little or no training offered. Training may have been de-prioritized due to timing issues. For example, the project is running late, and we need to go live on the originally agreed to a date.

Liberty Grove will help get your users trained and develop an ongoing training program that makes sense for your team.

Failure Reason #6: Inadequate Project Resources - Your system implementation is viewed as just another project, and its strategic importance is understated. Team members may not be provided with the necessary time to complete their tasks and will have to re-prioritize their workload.

Liberty Grove will help you determine what resources and effort are required internally to complete the project on time and on budget.

Take the next step toward success

Liberty Grove implements, rescues, and revitalizes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV ERP systems. Our team of Microsoft Dynamics specialists is waiting to chat with you. Call us at 630-858-7388 or email us at nav@libertygrove.com.

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