What technology is best for you? On-premise, private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud?

clouds and sun with ladders | On-premise, private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud?

How cloudy is your future? Here are your options:

Not cloudy at all = on-premise

You’re currently on-premise and you have no desire to forsake terra firma. It’s what you know. It’s what you’re comfortable with. You like having your server room or data center within arm’s reach. And you’re willing to take on the management and costs. And that’s ok.

The cloud isn’t for everyone.

Somewhat cloudy = private cloud

Companies choose to move from on-premise to a private cloud when they’re ready to give up the hardware maintenance, but they still want to take their data off-premise. A private cloud is a secure option that they independently manage. In essence, they own their own cloud.

Very cloudy = public cloud

Companies choose a public cloud when they’re ready to relinquish not just the hardware but the management, too. No single company owns a public cloud. It is, by definition, shared among several entities. The cloud provider is responsible for the security and management of the public cloud. They own, maintain, and upgrade the servers as required. It’s an efficient, cost-effective option. However, moving all your data to a public cloud may pose issues related to protecting sensitive data and compliance with regulations such as the EU’s GDPR and California’s CCPA. (The latter goes into effect in January 2020.)

Extremely cloudy = hybrid cloud aka multi-cloud

In some ways, the terms hybrid cloud or multi-cloud can be misnomers. Because really what you may be opting for is a combination that still includes on-premise but also includes a cloud. Maybe you keep your sensitive data on-premise and you move everything else to a public cloud. OR, you move your sensitive data to a private cloud and the rest to a public cloud.

How cloudy is your future?

These are all very personal decisions. Liberty Grove does not play favorites. There are many considerations involved in your choice. Financial considerations to be sure. But also, security, compliance, access, productivity, performance, staffing, and perhaps even a corporate mandate to make the cloud a key component of your digital transformation.

As a consulting organization, we’re here to provide expert advice. Liberty Grove will guide you through all the pros and cons. Ultimately, the decision is yours.

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