What Return on Your Investment Can You Expect from Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Roi Calculator Indicating Return On Investment And Buy In

How does $16.97 per dollar spent sound?

If you think that sounds high, you would be quite correct because the averages for most ERP and CRM software solutions are much lower - $7.23 and $8.71 respectively. Nucleus Research compiled all of this ROI (Return on Investment) data in a recent report* that points to 3 major factors contributing to the fabulous ROI that Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers are experiencing: increased revenue, increased productivity, and reduced costs.

ROI Case Studies

Two of the most recent ROI case studies that Nucleus published, which were included in their analysis, highlight the value that Dynamics 365, as well as the overall portfolio of Microsoft capabilities, provides to customers.

1- MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions is a facility design, construction, and maintenance company out of Seattle. The company is an industry leader in the field of “smart” buildings that minimize energy usage. MacDonald-Miller chose to deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Azure Internet of Things (IoT) Hub to modernize its operations. Because the company had been collecting data from disparate sources, it was exceedingly difficult and time consuming to draw any actionable insights from that data. MacDonald-Miller is now fully onboarded with Dynamics 365 and a system that is specially configured for each of its business arms. Technicians are using “wearables” that provide real-time visibility into equipment and service. And the company can leverage centralized data for actionable analytics.

Teams are working more efficiently and productively. And the company has seen overall increases to profits from cross-sales and better lead capture.

2- Renault Sport Formula One This group builds, tests, and improves Formula One cars. To deliver best-performing vehicles, the team needed software capable of ingesting massive quantities of data and deriving analytics in real-time. After considering several options, including SAP and a custom (but piecemeal) solution, the team opted for Microsoft Dynamics 365 due to its flexibility and configurability.

Now that the entire team is using Dynamics 365, they have access to the data they need, from anywhere, via the cloud. They have also deployed Azure Machine Learning to analyze the test data and help detect areas for performance improvement.

As a result of the deployment, productivity increased. Reports that took weeks to compile can now be produced in a matter of hours with Dynamics 365. Additionally, with better visibility and access to data, the time-to-decision and time-to-execution on design elements have been reduced significantly.

If an ROI of $16.97 per dollar spent sounds good to you, take the next step!

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*Nucleus Research, Enterprise Applications Program, Document # S148

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