We’ll Stand by You If and When Your Microsoft Dynamics NAV Implementation Runs Amuck

If your Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation is in trouble, you’ve come to the right place. Because we can diagnose the problem and solve it. It’s what we do.

You could be:

1-A Dynamics NAV client who needs help

2-A Dynamics NAV partner with a client who needs help

In the first case, we can provide direct assistance. While in the second case, we will work anonymously so that as a Microsoft partner, your relationship with your client will not be compromised. The end result will be the same. In both cases, we’ll get the NAV implementation back on track.

Troubleshooting Is Our Middle Name

At Liberty Grove, 60% of our business comes from people calling us for help on specific NAV issues. They call on us because we have a reputation for getting them done. We solve the tough NAV problems that others have failed to figure out.

The problem you’re experiencing could be related to an implementation or an upgrade or just something that suddenly goes wrong with your system for no apparent reason. Apparent being the key word here. Because there’s always a reason, even if it’s not obvious.

When you go to the Liberty Grove website and hover over Services on the top menu bar, the first service listed is troubleshooting.

Liberty Grove to the Rescue

Think of Liberty Grove as your rescue team. The team is the key word here. Because the power of a team is greater than the power of one. Our team consists of fully certified employees and associates who possess a minimum of ten years’ experience with NAV. Many of them have written books on NAV, taught courses, or assisted Microsoft in problem resolutions.

The Liberty Grove team loves a good challenge. So bring it on!

Here’s a stellar example of what the Liberty Grove team can accomplish:

“Our existing Navision Solution Center could no longer support us. They had done a software upgrade that took one extra year to implement and ran $200,000 over budget. Upon implementation, it only partially worked and they had no ability to fix the remaining issues. We had a large complicated mess. We needed help or we would have been forced to find another software alternative. Our Microsoft engagement manager suggested Liberty Grove Software.

“Dave was reluctant, but luckily for us, I was able to persuade him to take us on as a client. With his product knowledge of NAV, Dave was able to analyze our software disconnects, rebuild them and restore our missing software applications. He has a strong ability to map out project issues, design a solution, test the solution and then implement it. Dave has strong project management skills, to manage them, and to manage us. He has created a very strong team of professionals and we have been always happy with their results.

“Without Liberty Grove’s help, we would not be in the strong financial position we are in today.”

David A. Fox, Chief Financial Officer, Washington Music Center

Reach Out to Liberty Grove

Our team of Food & Beverage specialists is waiting to chat with you. We have 2 phone numbers and 1 email address to give you. Chicago 630-858-7388, Toronto 416-646-8484 and nav@libertygrove.com.

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