Upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Is NOT a Picnic – That’s Why You Need Us

As a Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner since 1996, we at Liberty Grove understand all of the reasons why our partners don’t choose to upgrade on a regular basis. It costs money. It’s disruptive. Their users are familiar and comfortable with the version they’re on. The version they’re on may be old but it still does everything they need it to do. We’ve heard it all, many times, and we get it – from their perspective.

BUT… in the end, when you don’t upgrade on a regular basis, you end up with some pretty serious headaches when the version you’re on is no longer supported, when you either have to or finally choose to upgrade your Microsoft Dynamics NAV software.

For one thing, there is no direct path for upgrading from an older version such as NAV 2013 to NAV 2018. It has to be done in stages, multiple stages. And that is very time consuming, costly, and tricky.

In the end, if you had upgraded on a regular basis, you would have actually saved time, money, and angst.

Don’t get me wrong. We can do it, no problem. We’ve done it many times. We just know that you would have been better served if you had upgraded sooner.

Having said all of that, let’s look at all of the reasons for upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018.

Benefits of Upgrading to NAV 2018

When you upgrade to NAV 2018, you’ll be able to take advantage of all of the new functionality that has been packed into this version, including:

  • The Web client, which allows access to NAV from any Web browser

  • Assembly Manager, with kitting and light manufacturing capabilities fully integrated into the supply chain

  • Improved integration with SharePoint, allowing you to share information with people both inside and outside your organization

  • Significant performance improvements as a result of tighter integration with SQL Server

  • Significant reporting enhancements with next-generation RDLC

  • Improved cost accounting and cash flow forecasting capabilities

  • New supply planning parameters that let you exert greater control over the planning engine

​ We’re confident that you’re going to love Dynamics NAV 2018. The new release has been exceedingly well received within the NAV community. So, if you’re ready to upgrade, then …

Reach Out to Liberty Grove Software

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