Microsoft Dynamics NAV: The Perfect ERP Solution for Manufacturers

As a manufacturer, how would you define the perfect ERP solution? Admittedly, at a high level, the dictionary definitions of “perfect” would work.

Perfect means “satisfying all requirements.”

In order to satisfy all of your requirements, we would obviously need to know what those requirements are. And although those requirements will differ somewhat from one manufacturer to the next, there are some basic commonalities that can be identified.

We know because we have more than 2 decades of experience implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV for manufacturers. Because Liberty Grove Software grew out of its predecessor company, Studebaker Technology, which in 1996 became one of the first Navision developer/resellers in North America (Navision was the predecessor to Microsoft Dynamics NAV).

Microsoft Dynamics NAV will support your most basic and yet most important requirements, such as...

  • Your BOM - Create a standard bill of materials (BOM), or easily customize it to a specific job. As soon as a BOM is created, Dynamics NAV is updated, ensuring accurate supply planning and demand forecasting. What’s more, automatic production and purchase orders can be configured within NAV to keep supply in balance with demand.

  • Your Capacity Planning - Capacity planning is another great feature in Dynamics NAV. Capacity planning allows you to route specific production orders and plan for material requirements. Each capacity’s task list and loading is easily viewable, and is automatically connected to the finite loading tool. Finite loading makes sure no more work is assigned to a work center that is at capacity, and enables the calculation of capable-to-promise (CTP).

  • Your Production Management – Dynamics NAV will improve coordination of made-to-order requests simplify “make or buy” decisions. With NAV you’ll be able to modify components as needed, even on released production orders. Plus, you’ll be able to create more efficient build schedules by planning product family orders that share the same routing.

BOM, Capacity Planning, and Production Management are foundational manufacturing requirements. But in the final analysis, the devil is in the details, as they say. Because…

Perfect also means “lacking in no essential detail”

There isn’t an ERP software system on the planet that can actually claim to be a 100% perfect fit, “lacking in no essential detail,” right out of the box. Luckily, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is flexible and highly configurable. So it can be implemented to meet all of your unique and specific requirement, down to every last essential detail.

The more you know…

Liberty Grove’s team of Microsoft Dynamics NAV specialists is waiting to chat with you so you can learn more about us, about Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and about our focus on the manufacturing industry. Call us at 630-858-7388 or email us at

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