Microsoft Dynamics NAV: The Perfect ERP Solution for Distributors

How do we define perfection? A perfect score in bowling is 300. A perfect score for a hotel or restaurant is 5 stars. A perfect SAT score is 1,600 points. Many activities or attributes are rated on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being a perfect score.

What metrics do we use to rate ERP software?

There’s no established point system for rating ERP software, although there are some software-comparison Web sites that use a variety of different ratings based on features, functionality, and other factors as well.

Of course, features and functionality are important. But other factors, such as reliability and ease of use, are equally important. Most important of all, in our opinion (and perhaps you would agree), is UX (user experience) and customer satisfaction. All the features and functionality, bells and whistles in the world don’t amount to much if your users find that the system is difficult to use, if the UI (user interface) is not intuitive, or if the navigation is confusing.

Also, if maintaining the system is a bear of a job, your IT team will be very unhappy. Or if it’s difficult to extract reports, your finance team will be grumpy.

Liberty Grove’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV clients are happy campers!

One of many examples we could provide in the realm of distribution companies we work with is the case of Modern Optical International, a leading provider of eyeglass frames, distributing its high-quality optical products across the United States. Key components of Modern’s success are its field sales force and a focus on outstanding customer service.

​Modern has been using Microsoft Dynamics NAV since 1996 and has continued to invest in NAV through upgrades, fine-tuning, and ongoing training to ensure that it's business systems stay competitive in this service-driven industry. They have also empowered their sales force by providing real-time access to sales data.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV: The Perfect ERP Solution for Distributors

Increase internal efficiency with over 20 role centers. Make sure everyone has the information they need, without being bombarded by unnecessary data. Account managers and Purchasing Agents are just a couple of the standard roles included in Dynamics NAV.

Adding NAV to Dynamics CRM? Ease the relationship between you and your customers. Know your most up-to-date costing, and inventories to create accurate quotes and orders. Once an order is placed, the information is automatically processed, ensuring the fasted time from PO to delivery.

Save time and money by stocking only the inventory that is demanded by your customers. Accurately predict your demand using the integrated demand forecasting feature. You can also set up automatic purchase orders when inventory runs low.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for distributors will handle all of your order fulfillment needs.

The more you know…

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