Meet the Liberty Grove Microsoft Dynamics NAV Rescue Team

Over the years, Liberty Grove has acquired a reputation for solving tough Microsoft Dynamics NAV problems, exclusively for companies in the Food & Beverage Industry. We conduct 2 kinds of rescues:

For Microsoft Dynamics NAV Clients

A lot of clients come to us directly to rescue failed projects, help integrate third-party software, or fix assorted software or performance problems. In fact, more than 60 % of our work comes from ad-hoc support requests.

For Other Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partners

When other NAV Partners come to us for assistance on their projects, we generally have to provide our rescue services anonymously, and always in a way that fully supports the other partners’ relationships with their clients.

Our Reputation Is Our Brand

The high quality of our work is our brand. That’s why Liberty Grove will not allow any project to fail. Nor will any Liberty Grove customer become a dissatisfied customer.

There Are Only 4 Possible Outcomes

When you ask Liberty Grove to rescue you, there are only 4 possible outcomes:

1) If we know the answer to your question, and it’s something you can easily fix on your own, we’ll simply tell you what to do, and wish you a nice day.

2) If the issue is more involved but falls within our domain, we’ll put you in touch with the appropriate member of our NAV team to resolve the issue.

3) If the issue doesn’t fall within the domain of our expertise, but we know a partner who can help, we’ll contact that partner and arrange for the shortest, most cost-effective solution.

4) If the issue is truly unique, in that it’s something we’ve never heard of before, then we’ll admit as much and offer you our troubleshooting services.

Our goal in all cases is to help you solve your problem. That is, after all, how we acquired our reputation in the first place.

Meet the Liberty Grove NAV Team

Liberty Grove Software is staffed by fully certified employees and associates who possess a minimum of ten years’ experience working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Many of them have written books on NAV, taught courses, or assisted Microsoft in problem resolutions. Meet and greet our core team here.

In the Words of a Liberty Grove Client “We’ve been through it on our own, and we’ve been through it using Liberty. We will most likely never do a conversion ourselves again. Using Liberty allowed us to save money, avoid grey hair, and get some sleep at night.” - Teresa L. Augustine Integrated Software Systems, Inc.

Reach Out to Liberty Grove

Our team of Food & Beverage specialists is waiting to chat with you. We have 2 phone numbers and 1 email address to give you. Chicago 630-858-7388, Toronto 416-646-8484 and

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