Master Class for Dynamics NAV App Architecture & Design Patterns – Reno

Mark Brummel will be leading this deep dive session for experienced NAV developers. This will be offered on October 12 and 13 at the NAVUG Summit 2015 conference. Learn how to design and develop code that works well with NAV cumulative updates, is extensible and clean.

Course Outline- The course has four, iterative blocks that explain the elements for good software architecture using Design Patterns – Repeatable User Interface, Coding Guidelines, Architectural Principles and Exercises.


  • Introduction to Application Architecture

  • Rollup update & Upgrade Strategies

  • Design Patterns & Anti Patterns

  • Meta Data Driven Software Development

Object Architecture

  • Define Object Hierarchy

  • Enhance the use of the Symbol Menu

  • Interfaces

  • Function Libraries

  • Natural Language Programming

  • Encapsulation

  • Arguments & Overloading

  • Façade & Hooks

Coding Guidelines

  • Design

  • Internationalization

  • Localizability

  • Readability

  • Data Dictionary

  • Hungarian Notation

  • User Interface

Design Patterns

  • Singleton, Multi-Level Setup & Rules Pattern

  • Master Data, Entity State & Compound

  • Documents, Copy, Posting & Archiving

  • Test Near, Test Far, Do It, Clean Up

Code Cloning

  • Fundamentals

  • Transaction Mirroring

  • Forking, Templating, Customize & Exact Match

Modern UI for Repeatable Software

  • Instructions in the User Interface

  • Transaction Data Update

  • Hiding Fields & Fast tabs

  • Totals on Sub Pages

  • Create Data from Templates