Mark Brummel Learning Dynamics NAV Patterns

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

Mark Brummel is a 10-year Microsoft Dynamics NAV MVP, a leading author of Dynamics NAV books, and one of Liberty Grove’s most experienced team members.

Mark has recently completed a new book – Learning Dynamics NAV Patterns. In this book, Mark evangelizes and documents the ‘NAV way’. This is a combination of architectural principles and design best practices, formalized in a workshop called Master Class for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application Architecture and Design Patterns. The methodology helps in creating solutions that are easy to upgrade, recognizable for users, and maintainable outside the ecosystem of their creators. All three elements apply to the original Navision product that was shipped in 1995, and was extracted, updated, and documented in this methodology

This book is ideal for a NAV consultant and developer or designer of business applications. It assumes that you have a basic understanding of business management systems and application development with working knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The book:

What You Will Learn

  • Apply object-oriented practices to C/AL programming

  • Structure your application to avoid merge conflicts

  • Refactor legacy code and avoid anti-patterns

  • Design decision trees to decide when to use which patterns

  • Clone codes and their application in Dynamics NAV

  • Make your application extensible by creating predefined hooks and facades

Learning Dynamics NAV Patterns can be purchased here at PACKT and here at Amazon.