Mark Brummel Dynamics NAV 2013 Application Design Book

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

Mark Brummel is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV MVP, a leading author of Dynamics NAV books, and one of Liberty Grove’s most experienced team members.

Mark has recently completed a new book – Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Application Design – as a follow-up to his popular 2009 edition.

This book is ideal for a NAV consultant and developer or designer of business applications. It assumes that you have a basic understanding of business management systems and application development with working knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The book:

  • Will help you set up applications for a number of vertical industries and scenarios;

  • Acquaints you with Dynamics NAV’s data model and transaction schema with the help of highly efficient design patterns;

  • Includes two completely designed and explained vertical solutions, including application objects;

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Application Design can be purchased here at PACKT and here at Amazon.