Liberty Grove Presents: Our Top 5 Microsoft Dynamics NAV Blogs

For some people, blogging is just another item on a to-do list.

We blog because we believe in the power of the pen. We believe in the power of words. We blog because blogs are an excellent vehicle for communicating relevant information about Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Liberty Grove to our clients and all of our readers. And finally, there’s another perk to blogging. It means that we are continually adding fresh content to our Web site, which is picked up by the Web crawlers and therefore enhances our SEO and drives more traffic to our site.

Blogging is an all-around win.

Here are summaries of our top 5 recent Microsoft Dynamics NAV blogs.

1. Microsoft Dynamics NAV: The Perfect ERP Solution for Food & Beverage Companies

Historically, Liberty Grove has always focused on manufacturing and distribution, with nearly 90% of our clients in one or both of these disciplines. In recent years, we have increasingly worked with food and beverage clients. In support of this specialized area, we began offering enhanced food and beverage functionality using Dynamics Food ERP, a leading food and beverage add-on for the well-established Microsoft Dynamics NAV software solution.

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2. Microsoft Dynamics NAV: The Perfect ERP Solution for Distributors

One of many examples we could provide in the realm of distribution companies we work with is the case of Modern Optical International, a leading provider of eyeglass frames, distributing its high-quality optical products across the United States. ​Modern has been using Microsoft Dynamics NAV since 1996 and has continued to invest in NAV through upgrades, fine-tuning, and ongoing training to ensure that it's business systems stay competitive in this service-driven industry. They have also empowered their sales force by providing real-time access to sales data.

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3. Microsoft Dynamics NAV: What's New?

There’s always something new happening in the Microsoft Dynamics world. Sometimes there’s so much going on that it’s hard to keep up. So we’re here to do that for you. Here’s a recap of Microsoft Dynamics NAV news that has come out over the past few months, including links to cumulative updates for NAV 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. Also, details about Windows Server 2019 for Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Office 2019 for Dynamics NAV.

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4. If Your Microsoft Dynamics NAV Is in Trouble, We Have a Rescue Team on Alert

Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementations and upgrades can be simple. They can also be complex.

Some Dynamics NAV partners have the experience and expertise to handle complexity. Some don’t.

If your Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation or upgrade is mired in complexity, don’t be shy. Contact Liberty Grove. Our NAV rescue team is always on alert, ready and willing to help. We do it every day, for NAV partners and end users, for anyone who has been unable to solve a problem on their own. And rest assured, we do not get between the partner and the client. We just help.

Do you need to be rescued? Read on…

5. Upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Is NOT a Picnic – That’s Why You Need Us

As a Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner since 1996, we understand all of the reasons why you don’t choose to upgrade on a regular basis. It costs money. It’s disruptive. Your users are familiar and comfortable with the version they’re on. The version you’re on may be old, but it still does everything you need it to do. We’ve heard it all, many times, and we get it – from your perspective. BUT… in the end, when you don’t upgrade on a regular basis, you end up with some pretty severe headaches when the version you’re on is no longer supported. Looking to upgrade? Read on…

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