David Studebaker Programming Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV 2015

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

David Studebaker is the Chief Technical Officer and a cofounder of Liberty Grove Software. Dave has had a wide range of development, consulting, sales and management roles throughout his career. He has been a partner or owner and manager of several software development businesses while always maintaining a significant role as a business application developer.

Along with his son, Chris, Dave has completed Programming Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV 2015, following up on his previous series of development books starting with NAV 5 and continuing with NAV 2009 and NAV 2013.

This book is ideal for a NAV developer or designer of business applications. It assumes that you have a basic understanding of business management systems and application development with working knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

What You Will Learn

  • Extract and utilize NAV data using queries and reports

  • Use the integrated debugger, the .NET interface, and C/AL extensions for automated testing

  • Understand NAV’s data element choices, properties, and usages

  • Discover how to successfully deliver an interactive user data presentation

  • Sharpen your skills and increase your productivity with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  • Get to grips with the fundamental programming and design concepts of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 can be purchased here at PACKT and here at Amazon.