Streamline data and automate processes across your department with ONESOURCE — the industry's most powerful portfolio of tax and accounting technology for corporations. You’ll boost collaboration with departments and partners and ensure seamless tax compliance no matter where your company does business. 


ONESOURCE Determination

Automated Tax determination
Accurately calculate your global indirect tax with an end-to-end automated solution for sales use, and excise tax, GST, and VAT.

Flexible integration
Connect to ERP, financial, billing, and e-commerce payment systems through pre-built and custom integrations.

Software that determines the sales and use tax, VAT, and GST your company owes globally, using latest rates and rules.


ONESOURCE Indirect Tax allows companies to automate transactions in the cloud without the headache of managing and maintaining an in-house tax engine or reporting system. Their tax automation software can scale quickly to the size of your company, for less cost.

Trusted tax information
Reduce the risk of audit-triggering mistakes, thanks to our in-house expertise backed by SSAE 18 and ISAE 3402 certified processes.

Powerful personalization
Ensure all your tax liability needs are met with our tax engine that handles corporations of all sizes and geographic reach.

For information on ONESOURCE Determination for VAT and GST, download the brochure here.

ONESOURCE Indirect Compliance

Intuitive software that manages sales and use tax, GST, and VAT compliance in one central environment.

Regardless of your location or industry, ONESOURCE Indirect Compliance streamlines the tax compliance process with real-time rates and rules, customizable tools, and support for e-filing — plus powerful data reconciliation, adjustment, and reporting capabilities. You can choose federal, state, county, city, or district as necessary to meet the unique needs of your business. 

Centralized dashboard
See what’s happening at every step of the compliance process with real-time metrics and updates.

Global tax content
Get automatically updated content from thousands of global tax authorities, certified to SSAE 18 and ISAE 3402 standards.

Flexible importing
Easily import from ERPs, point of sale systems, e-commerce applications, and in-house IT.

Digital reporting
Meet new and increasingly prevalent digital tax reporting requirements with support for SII, SAF-T, and more.

Risk management tools
Get comprehensive risk management controls, handle reviews and signoff, and make audited manual adjustments as needed.

Data integrity
Get extensive data analysis that uses standard or customized interrogation tools to keep your data solid.

Exemption control
Automate partial exemptions through group management, standard and special method capabilities, and reallocation functions.

Latest e-filing advancements
Get industry-leading e-file support, including parish upload in Louisiana and ONESPOT support in Alabama.

For information on ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Compliance for VAT and GST, download the brochure here. For information on ONESOURCE Indirect Compliance for US and Canada, download the brochure here.

ONESOURCE Certificate Manager

Integrates with Global Indirect Tax Compliance and Determination to precisely track, validate and govern exemption certificates. 

Managing sales tax exemptions in multiple states can get complicated — missing, incorrect, or invalid tax exemption certificates can slow down sales and inflate tax assessments, or even trigger audits. ONESOURCE Certificate Manager gives you anytime, anywhere access to streamline the entire lifecycle of exemption certificate management. Plus, you'll have an online portal where your customers can directly upload their own exemption certificates, so you'll spend less time tracking them down. Use Certificate Manager with Determination software to calculate taxes more accurately, see fewer exemption status disputes, and boost productivity across your team.

Time and cost savings
Collect, validate, and report on exemption certificates more quickly, to save your staff time and your company money.

Easy customer uploads
Let your customers upload their own exemption certificates directly to the Certificate Manager Portal.

Integrated calculations
Certificate Manager is integrated with our tax determination software, so you can boost the accuracy of calculations.

Timely notifications
Use the 30-day expiration countdown to remind you to notify your customers to update certificates, so your compliance files are current.

Built-in forms library
Streamline research with our library of more than 300 current and historic forms.

Customized reporting
Extract data and export certificate images with our customizable reports, so you can better respond to audit requests.

Fast Sales Tax

Software that provides on-demand sales and use tax rates, step-by-step sales tax guidance, and answers in one place.

Look up sales tax rates, identify appropriate product taxability statuses, get due dates, and search sourcing rules. From registration to returns, you’ll be backed by the most accurate sales tax answers available.

Easy answers
Navigate complex and constantly changing sales tax regulations with confidence.

Step-by-step guidance
Our easy-to use-interface provides you with the relevant tax facts you need, in a few simple steps.

Time savings
Quickly and intuitively identify tax rates and up-to-date forms, all on one reliable platform.