Implementing an ERP System is a Company Project not an IT Project
Rescue and Revitalization Projects


Successful projects include the revisiting and adaptation of updated business processes

Business processes should be adapted to the available functionality wherever possible. There will be situations where the functionality needs to be adjusted to meet your organization’s needs. This should be done before you perform user training. 

Our team will facilitate this review with a critical eye to ensure you are not rebuilding your current system. 

Scope Creep



There is a temptation to expand a project to "just do this…", or "include that small change…"; however, these changes can derail, delay or redirect a project. It is important to carefully evaluate these requested changes to ensure that they have positive impact on the project and business. These changes should not be allowed to distract from the project’s main goal(s).

Our Project Manager will ensure that we follow a clear process for reviewing requests, and assessing risks and value before proceeding with changes. 

Effort was in put into selecting the right solution, but less was put into selecting the right Partner with the right skills and experience

Your Partner needs to work well with your team and provide guidance. Often times, the team that you met during the pre-sales process has nothing to do with your implementation. Requirements that were promised get lost, people you thought you would work with are gone…


Meet our team and work with the people you meet. 


Your team needs to own the project, tasks and deliverables. The Company needs to have
owners/champions in each area that are responsible for the tasks/activities and are
accountable for the results.


We help you define roles and responsibilities, so your team members are accountable for their areas.

How can we help?
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