NAV Partner: Implementation Skills

Looking for industry-specific functionality to further enhance Dynamics NAV for your business? Look no further than the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace:

  • Sure Step

  • RapidStart

What is Sure Step?

Sure Step is Microsoft’s recommended implementation methodology for all Dynamics products, including NAV. It’s a comprehensive set of best practice guides, detailed documentation, workflow diagrams, and interactive tools that represents the collective experience of more than 150,000 Dynamics implementations across all types of companies and industries worldwide.

In short, it’s the body of knowledge that will help you and your NAV partner achieve a successful implementation.

Liberty Grove is deeply committed to Sure Step. The company’s co-founders, David and Karen Studebaker, along with associate Robert Horowitz, helped create the original methodology, which Microsoft later adopted across all its Dynamics products. In fact, Liberty Grove continues to consult with Microsoft on some aspects of Sure Step.

What is RapidStart?

RapidStart is a version of the Sure Step methodology for projects with little or no customization where a rapid deployment model is desirable.