Anveo Mobile App

Use your laptop, tablet PC or smartphone to access your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/Microsoft Dynamics NAV data while you’re on the road. Lookup the latest inventory levels, access sales quotes and customer prices and create new orders with your mobile device.

Identify products by using the barcode scanner or take pictures and save them directly in your service order.

These Dynamics Business Central/NAV apps help Sales Teams and Technicians to increase productivity. You do not have to care about network coverage – the Anveo Mobile Apps are highly responsive due to a 100% native app with local data storage and local business code – full offline-capable Dynamics NAV apps.

Anveo Mobile App comes with a very flexible set-up that empowers you to customize the app to your needs.

Anveo Mobile App for Sales Team

Connect your mobile sales team to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central /NAV. Give your sales personnel access to their debtors, contact details, quotes and orders, product data and stock information and prices. Optimize with the Anveo Mobile App your sales process significantly, for example orders are transmitted directly to your ERP system after the meeting. Save valuable business time.

With the Anveo Mobile Sales App your sales staff have mobile access to all important data from Dynamics NAV. Give your sales team with a tablet PC or smart phone access to customer data, sales statistics and sales orders. Your sales representative can enter new offers or orders directly at the customer site with their mobile device – regardless of the internet connection.

Anveo Mobile App for Service Technicians

Support your service technician in their daily work. With the Anveo Mobile Service App your technicians receive a easy access to show all important data, such as service orders, service products and customers from Dynamics NAV to your tablet PC or smartphone. So you can optimize your processes digital, detailed task description and documentation – including photos, which are also available in Dynamics NAV.

The Anveo Mobile Service App allows your service technicians a quick and easy access to all relevant data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision). The user interface and functionality of the Anveo Mobile device are configured to the working processes of your service technician. With just a few mouse clicks the layout and processes can be quickly defined in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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App Features

The complete setup of Anveo Mobile App is in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV.

Areas of Application

The requirements for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV apps are highly individual: Create your own app with just a few mouse clicks directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.