Industry Segments

DynamicsFoodERP provides complete solutions for the food industry segments listed below. Specific functionality has been added to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV to ensure that the overall system seamlessly fits the business processes for each segment. If you implement DynamicsFoodERP, you will benefit from this specialized functionality while still enjoying an orderly, fully integrated system.

Fruit and Vegetable

The fruit and vegetables segment typically requires a wide range of functionality including consignment management, strong logistical support, advanced cost reporting, sales on account, and settlement.

DynamicsFoodERP fulfills all of these requirement. A unique aspect of the solution is that everything is centered around lot administration.

Bread and Bakery

In the bread and bakery sector, companies often make changes in their recipes. After any change it is important to quickly be able to calculate the effects of a change in a recipe. Also important is the ability to obtain management information quickly.

Besides the sector specific solution for recipe management, Novamindz has also developed solutions for other issues such as ingredient declarations and various quality systems.


This sector is confronted almost daily with new rules and regulations concerning tracking & tracing and HACCP. These written protocols are designed to guarantee food safety during the manufacturing of sweets. These rules and regulations have become so complicated that it is impossible to maintain a manual administration.

DynamicsFoodERP offers various solutions to conform to the rules and regulations, so that products can be monitored in a simple manner and that the most recent rules and regulations in the area of trace-ability and food safety are met. DynamicsFoodERP solutions enable you to conform to the rules and regulations and at the same time offer you the opportunity to optimise and streamline all your business processes, such as the processes involved in production planning, purchasing and sales, warehousing and the financial administration.


A typical problem the fish industry continues to struggle with is how they can limit weight loss when cleaning fish. Additionally it is also particularly interesting to exactly know the turnover rate.

A typical problem the fish industry continues to struggle with is how they can limit weight loss when cleaning fish. Additionally it is also particularly interesting to exactly know the turnover rate.


A specific problem the cheese sector is coping with is the fact that the quantity of cheese decreases while it is being stored. It is also very important that the right type and age is received by their customers. Therefore the sales department needs precise information in order to deliver and sell to their customers.

The ageing of cheese not only influences its weight; it also effects the price. The older the cheese, the more work it needs because it has to be turned and coated more frequently. The sector specific solution enables these companies to have the right information at the right time.


The implementation of automated business processes in the meat industry involves not just a good knowledge of technical and business management; it also includes thorough knowledge of this sector.

Companies in the meat industry often have  a lot of different customers, each with their own demands concerning packaging, weight and processing of meat. As a result, this sector has an enormous diversity in its product ranges. Also, strict regulations in the area of Tracking and Tracing, HACCP and BRC apply to this industry. All these characteristics demand a system that can handle these different processes.

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