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ForNAV Standard Reports

ForNAV Standard Reports makes life easy for customers and partners
Get started quickly with a set of standard reports that are included with ForNAV. These reports are brand new, and designed and optimized for ForNAV.
The set of standard reports includes sales and purchase documents, and financial reports and statistics. Even a US cheque report is included.
Our goal is to make it easy for you to modify reports and to enhance the look-and-feel of the reports.

Easy access of watermarks
To further enhance the report design, you can choose from a set of included watermarks. These are PDF files, which mean that you get a high resolution regardless of how much you zoom in on the reports. If you want your own watermark on the documents, you simply create one in accordance with the layout (for instance in Microsoft Word) and save it as a PDF file.


Unique Master Section technology
The unique ForNAV Master Section technology enables you to use sections from other reports as a “template”. This significantly eases the maintenance of, for instance, your sales documents, because the parts that are the same across a number of reports (for example, invoices, credit notes, and order confirmations) only have to be maintained in one place.


New Master Section property enables reuse of sections from other reports. (For example, it makes it possible to maintain a single master for all document report headers and footers, “Master section” = “206,Header1” replaces the section with the layout from Header1 in report 206).


The following reports are included in ForNAV:

Sales Documents

  • Order Confirmation (VAT/Sales Tax)

  • Sales Invoice (VAT/Sales Tax)

  • Credit Memo (VAT/Sales Tax)

  • Sales Quote (VAT/Sales Tax)

  • Sales Shipment

  • Sales Template (VAT/Sales Tax)

Purchase Documents

  • Purchase Order (VAT/Sales Tax)

  • Purchase Invoice (VAT/Sales Tax)

  • Purchase Credit Memo (VAT/Sales Tax)

  • Purchase Quote (VAT/Sales Tax)

  • Warehouse Shipment

  • Warehouse Receipt

  • Purchase Template (VAT/Sales Tax)


  • Trial Balance


  • Customer Top 10 List

  • Customer Payments

  • Salesperson Commission

  • Aged Accounts Receivables

  • Sales Statistics

  • Customer/Item Statistics

  • Statement


  • Vendor Top 10 List

  • Aged Accounts Payables

  • Purchase Statistics

  • Item Variants


  • US Check Report

  • Inventory to G/L Reconciliation

  • Template

  • Template – Landscape

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