ForNAV Converter

The Reports ForNAV Converter makes classic to

RDLC fast and easy
The ForNAV converter enables reports developed for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 and NAV 2009 (also known as “classic” or C/SIDE reports) to run on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 – as well as newer versions that require the RDLC format.


It’s a three-step automated process that takes just seconds…

1. Export
EXPORT your current reports.
C/SIDE reports are exported from a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0/2009 (“classic”) database. This can be done with single or multiple reports.

2. Convert
CONVERT using the Reports ForNAV Converter.
The exported file is converted to a format that can be imported to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 201X. This requires a standard web service in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

3. Import
IMPORT the converted file to your new Microsoft Dynamics NAV version.
When you open the development environment on your Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade, all you have to do is import the converted file, compile it and run the report.

Partners have found that this whole operation can be done in less than a minute. Even for complex reports.

All it requires is the same data (table) structure, upgraded business logic (something you would do anyway for an upgrade project), and the same language version.