Dynamics NAV Fixed Assets
Key Features
  • Create and manage an unlimited number of books of assets.

  • Define and track fixed assets by location, category, etc., or any combination of user-defined fields.

  • Reclassify fixed assets in whole or in part. Separate asset components, recombine them, or consolidate multiple assets into one.

  • Set up an unlimited number of depreciation books for taxes or other reasons without affecting your general ledger.

  • Use standard depreciation methods such as straight-line, declining balance, and accelerated depreciation, or define a custom depreciation method tailored to your requirements.

  • Specify how to allocate depreciation gains or losses to general ledger accounts upon the sale of fixed assets.

  • Monitor assets via KPIs, analyze via standard or ad-hoc reports, or export to Excel for even greater flexibility.

  • Drill down from asset summary lines to transaction-level data.

  • Get a real-time view of your financial status via integrated general ledger, payables, receivables, including book value and accumulated depreciation, without manual updates.

  • Use cost monitoring to decide whether to renew assets and how to allocate them to specific insurance policies.

  • Simulate how book value and depreciation will develop over time.

Note, the exact functionality of any NAV module will depend upon the licensing. See Dynamics NAV Licensing & Pricing for details.