Dynamic NAV General Ledger
Key Features
  • Define numerous accounting periods, allowing you to work with any accounting periods you wish for the GL, budgets, statistics, and reports.

  • Create an unlimited number of journals, each with their own numbering system, and work in the general journal while others enter and post data at the same time.

  • Manage an unlimited number of bank accounts in both local and foreign currencies.

  • Automate your payment processing and bank reconciliation.

  • Conduct trade and manage customer and vendor accounts using unlimited currencies.

  • Automate transactions for recurring and reversing entries.

  • Enforce role-level security down to the record level.

  • Analyze data by having the system assign your custom dimensions for such identifiers as product categories, customer groupings, etc.

  • Gain greater control and insight into your business through improved cost accounting.

  • Create complex account schedules using dimensions.

  • Meet both audit and regulatory requirements with detailed audit trails and master file change logs.

  • Manage inter-company transactions with parents, partners, or subsidiaries.

  • Employ full multilingual support, including the ability to switch languages on the fly


Note, the exact functionality of any NAV module will depend upon the licensing. See Dynamics NAV Licensing & Pricing for details.