With Data Masons EDI, no customizations are made to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This lowers ownership costs, reduces complexity, eliminates upgrade issues, and expands flexibility when purchasing other Dynamics 365 BC apps. Data Masons provides, seamless integration with Dynamics 365, unmatched scalability, and managed EDI compliance, and many key benefits.


Seamless integration with Dynamics 365

For lower risk and expense
Dynamics 365 Business Central provides a new data access framework, OData, which enables external access to the ERP data and business objects via standard OData (Open Data) protocol using RESTful web services. The schema definition serving the OData framework are Data Entities. This allows access to data and the business objects that support that data. Data Masons integrates EDI data in and out of Dynamics 365 Business Central using these Entities.

Unmatched scalability

Whether you need hundreds or hundreds of thousands of orders processed a day, Data Masons EDI offers limitless scalability based on automation resources provided in your private cloud or on-demand in the Data Masons Public Azure Cloud.

Managed EDI compliance

All EDI compliance handled by Data Masons

Since all EDI compliance requirements are handled by Data Masons, labeling, mapping and ongoing trading partner changes are delivered direct to your company with no hassles.

Data Masons EDI trading partner kits can be licensed and installed in minutes as a part of your subscription, so your company can begin transacting with business partners immediately.


Fast and simple implementation and integration
Unlike other solutions, a Data Masons EDI implementation is a setup process rather than an expensive, risk-filled project. Full installation can be done in less than a week at most sites.

Once implemented, EDI integration for Dynamics 365 Business Central is completed with the least number of steps and fewest screens possible. This translates to optimized performance, less work, and fewer errors.

Extensive Functionality

Data Masons EDI offers extensive functionality, including automated processing, powerful error logging and exception handling, streamlined and accurate ASN processing, and native RFID support.

Data Masons' state-of-the-art EDI Supply Chain solution enables you to create your own trading partner network and send EDI purchase orders out and receive ASNs and invoices – a technology that produces a huge ROI.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible deployment models offered - Private Cloud or Public Cloud

  • Comprehensive support for cloud-based Web Services

  • Automated processing

  • Supports 60+ Data Masons EDI integrated documents

  • Integrated, streamlined and accurate ASN processing

  • Dynamics 365 Business Central integration method – OData Endpoints via Web Services

  • "Day One" support for new releases. Data Masons guarantees timely updates for new releases of Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • Native RFID support

  • EDI information is visible in Dynamics 365 Business Central so customer service representatives can easily research EDI shipment information and answer questions quickly

  • Advanced capabilities relating to multiple entities (data area id) and Virtual Companies

  • Requires little or no Dynamics 365 Business Central customization for a completely integrated EDI solution