Replication Management

Replication Management simplifies data management as you collect, sync, share, and publish business information to subscribers within and outside of the company. You perform data management tasks such as defining and publishing information right in Dynamics Business Central.

Image by Lukas Blazek

The multiple systems that house information for most enterprises—CRM, financials, logistics, and engineering systems are common examples—challenge businesses to maintain and organize information so that it’s accurate, current, and available in views and formats relevant to people’s jobs.

Extending data ownership

In Replication Management, you can assign individuals as data management owners in certain areas, and connect business roles with certain types of information.

Advanced publication schemes

You can customize data publication with vertical and horizontal partitioning, and use Business Central data filters and data relations to provide contextual data subscriptions.

Data management change

Data management with the solution lets you accommodate change management requirements and create approval workflows to make sure data is always consistent and of sound quality.