Industrial Equipment Management (IEM)

IEM solutions integrate with your ERP to help you explore best practices for efficiency and productivity with automated and digital-ready machines, and help you focus on all aspects, from job budgeting, job management planning to resource management. 


Warehouse Shelves

Manage Job Budgets with Efficiency
Gain the ability to create multiple budgets, with detailed work breakdown, and complete job costing for each project. Streamline every aspect of your project including resources, jobs, and tasks.

Coordinate Timelines with Material and Human Resource Planning
Plan required material from the job's timeline as part of the overall material requirements planning to ensure that inventories are balanced and reserved for proper allocation.

Balance Optimum Resource Capacity through Tasks
Assign people to resource tasks to create a complete overview of all the project activities to ensure that there are no overlaps or wasted resources.

Optimize Material Handling through Warehouse Integration
Manage all incoming material through put-aways and bin locations. Pick the material to be consumed in or delivered from the job. Cross-dock materials to the job site for just-in-time deliveries.