Anveo EDI Connect Features

Anveo EDI Connect can be used for a huge amount of different areas.

Scenarios for EDI

Customers, Intercompany, Partners, Suppliers


Target Group
Microsoft Dynamics NAV users and partners

Anveo Service-Levels
Installation, Configuration, Data exchange, Clearing

TOP 1:
Full Intergration of Dynamics NAV

Everything in familiar settings

So I can save the money for external software, as everything is set up and processed in Dynamics NAV

For which scenarios is Anveo EDI Connect intended?



Typical processes such as order processing, orders (ORDERS), invoices (INVOICE), credit notes, delivery notes (DESADV) and the exchange of master data, product data (PRICAT), availability and prices.


This also includes other applications such as sales data (SLSRPT, INVRPT) or remittance (REMADV).


Transfer within your company internal data from one location to another or inter-company, such as financial information or items.

Even a direct transformation of internal Dynamics NAV tables is possible. This allows a separation of import / export and processing of incoming and outgoing EDI messages for better traceability.


Improved business relationships through automated processes with partner companies.


Exchange of data such as order handling, availability, order confirmations and delivery notes. Take advantage of vendor information for planning the receipts and simplify the processes in the warehouse.

For whom has Anveo EDI Connect been designed?


Microsoft Dynamics NAV users

Anveo EDI Connect is optimized for companies that use Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) for their operations. Almost all processes can be automated with your business partners using EDI with EDI Anveo Connect.


The Anveo EDI Connect solution can either be set and managed by yourself or you can pass this set-up to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner.

At your request and with the approval by your Dynamics NAV partner, we like to offer installation and setup for you directly.

You have the choice: You decide on the distribution of tasks.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners

By indirect sales concept of Microsoft, so called Microsoft Partner with ERP competences take care of the Dynamics NAV installations. Anveo EDI Connect is designed for the set-up by a Dynamics NAV partner without the need of our services in projects. This gives you the possibility to offer a universal EDI Connect solution for various customer requirements.


The services such as installation and setup can be provided as a partner either from your team or be handed over at the request as a service to us.

So you can benefit from a flexible design of your customer relationship.

Anveo Service-Levels



Integration of Anveo EDI Connect to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) installation.


Setup of data conversions in Anveo EDI Connect according to the requirements.

Data Exchange

Setup of data transfer which is receiving and sending EDI messages.


Monitoring of your EDI messages and technical messages in case of error.