ClickLearn captures complicated work processes in popular business software.

With just a click, you can produce multi- format learning materials, in any language, and publish to a 24/7 learning portal.

ClickLearn supports these platforms by using the unique ClickLearn recording technology that adapts to any customization and allows the recording of processes across applications
Enterprise Platforms:
Business Applications:
Productivity Applications:
Custom Applications:
The 7 Formats of Learning
Online Documentation

Step-by-step guides with perfectly cropped screenshots presented in an online structured portal available 24/7 from any device.

Offline Documentation

Downloadable instructions as PDF or Word documents for printing and sharing.

Classroom Training

Company-branded material in PowerPoint format optimized for classroom training.

Show-Me Video

Narrated video walk-throughs in the language of your choice.

Try-Me Video

An interactive simulation of your work environment guiding you through your complex business processes.

Test-Me Video

Interactive simulations that test your knowledge of your processes without the hints that you get with the Try-me videos.

ClickLearn Assist

A virtual assistant that guides you through your new or complex processes in your live business system.