Dynamics NAV Assembly Management
Key Features
  • Satisfy both light manufacturing and kitting requirements.

  • Assemble-to-order or assemble-to-stock.

  • Build multilevel assembly BOMs to accommodate products of any complexity.

  • Fully integrated with sales order entry. Intelligent sales order interface makes it possible to quickly and accurately promise delivery dates based on component availability.

  • Customize orders on the fly.

  • Calculate both prices and costs for customized orders during sales order entry.

  • Mix inventory items and assemble-to-order items on the same sales line.

  • Undo shipments to return components to inventory.

  • Use in sales quotes and blanket sales orders.

  • Fully integrated with NAV planning features. Assembly orders are treated as another type of supply on the same level as production, purchase, and transfer orders.

  • Supports all order tracking, reservation, and item tracking features.

  • Fully integrated with NAV warehouse functions, including component movements to and from a designated assembly area, picking, consumption, etc.

Note, the exact functionality of any NAV module will depend upon the licensing. See Dynamics NAV Licensing & Pricing for details.