Applications of the Anveo Mobile App

Possible Applications of Anveo Mobile 

Time Attendance

Make time attendance mobile. With the Anveo Mobile App you can make your integrated Dynamics NAV time attendance available for your employees. Your employees can document their time with their smartphone or tablet PC directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) – regardless of an existing online connection.

Travel Expenses

Give your staff the opportunity to write travel expenses quickly, easily and digitally for your accounting department. Create with Anveo Mobile in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) based on the structures already used in your own app. Use the Anveo scripts to your existing processes to map in the app.

CRM of Dynamics NAV

Take advantage of the CRM functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV outside the office. With the Anveo Mobile App you have all of your contact information used in Dynamics NAV on your smartphone or tablet PC. From the Anveo Mobile App you can quickly and easily send emails, call or use navigation. The entire contact history is always at hand.

Product Catalog for your Customers

Design an app for your customer. Showcase items in a digital product catalog including pictures and documents as well as new items. The app can be equipped for direct order entry for your customer. The create orders requests are approved by your sales in the Anveo Mobile Sales App – a highly optimized, fully digitized sales process.

Individual App for your Sales

The Anveo Mobile Sales App provides a basic framework of a sales app for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Use the Anveo Mobile App to create your own, individual sales app. With one click in Dynamics NAV choose the desired fields. With Anveo Script you can define your business processes, such as your individual price calculation to use in your app offline. Of course, you can also use your customizations in Dynamics NAV in the app.

Individual Service Technician App

The Anveo Mobile Service App is flexible for all service areas. Need an offline capable app for Dynamics NAV for maintenance? The Anveo Mobile App is universally applicable for a variety of scenarios with easy setup and business process capability offline.

Logistics App for Transportation

Support the logistics process with an app and save valuable time. Equip your staff or your freight forwarder with an individual Anveo Mobile App for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Both the receipt of the goods to be transported as well as any damage can be acknowledged by the receiver on your smartphone or tablet PC with the camera of the mobile device.

Your Anveo Mobile App

There are a large variety of uses that can be realized with the Anveo Mobile App. The possibilities are greater than what we have listed here. This is achieved by the flexible nature of the tool in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision). Give us call and we will be happy to help you.

Always Ready to Use

Work Offline

The Anveo Mobile App is completely offline-capable. Access to data from Dynamics NAV is always available regardless of network coverage. The changed data is synchronized with an existing Internet connection with Microsoft Dynamics NAV..


During synchronization of the mobile device with Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) only the changed and new data is synchronized. Transferred data volume is manageable and can be done even with slower internet connections.

Use Business Processes Offline

The Anveo Mobile App not only allows you to read and capture your data, but with Anveo Script you also get a powerful tool giving you the ability to handle business processes. For example: price calculation in orders offline on your mobile device. The Anveo Script is part of the Anveo Mobile App and like the entire device generated directly in the Windows client (or Classic Client).

Functions of the Mobile Device

The Anveo Mobile Sales App can interact with a variety of functions on your mobile device. For example: Write emails, make phone calls, use navigation and capture photos from the Anveo Mobile App. You can also use the camera of your mobile device as a barcode or QR scanner to capture items based on their barcodes.